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How Motion ... Created the Universe

Session V33: Quantum Foundations I
Presented at APS March Meeting 2021

On March 18, 2021, I presented the Final Selection Experiment (God Test?) for everyone to confirm for themselves if the logic currently used to practice science, i.e., effects of existence cause effects of existence, is in line with how the natural world works. You are invited to test for yourself if effects of existence (either physical or spiritual) cause effects of existence or not. The test is fundamental thus universal. If an effect of existence (you) cause the effects of motion then you can safely conduct the experiment in real life and continue to exist.  If motion cause effects of existence, then you cannot continue your existence. 

something from nothing

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Manuel Morales. I have created artwork for the US Olympic Committee, magazines, book covers, advertisements, private commissions, and most notably in support of the NY Giants SB XXI and SB XXV quests. Each time I did this they went on to win, a 2-for-2 record. This history was documented and licensed by the NFL as the NY Giants Super Bowl Commemorative Series (see link). Nearly a decade later, the artwork served as a catalyst to conduct an online experiment which began in 2000 and ended in 2012. The objective of this experiment at was to see if football fans and I could "tempt destiny" to repeat what was done twice before and in the process confirm if destiny, otherwise known as determinism or superdeterminism, can be empirically confirmed.

On February 3, 2008, the no-go experiment at had obtained unambiguous empirical evidence that the logic used to practice science is incomplete (see APS presentation for details). In other words, existence is not causal of motion, motion causes existence. In physical terms, this means that energy is created and thus not conserved as currently understood. This also means that Albert Einstein was correct about quantum mechanics not being a fundamental theory due to hidden variables at play. However, he was incorrect as to where to find them.

"Surely, someday, we can believe, we will grasp the central idea of it all as so simple, so beautiful, so compelling that we will all say to each other, 'Oh, how could it have been otherwise! How could we all have been so blind for so long!' - John A Wheeler


Theoretical physicists John S. Bell once predicted, "The only alternative to quantum probabilities, superpositions of states, collapse of the wave function, and spooky action at a distance, is that everything is superdetermined. For me it is a dilemma. I think it is a deep dilemma, and the resolution of it will not be trivial; it will require a substantial change in the way we look at things."

Please be sure to visit the "Science" page for more information regarding my research.

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BTW - Did you see me on this "This Bud's For You" Budweiser commercial from 1984-1985 airbrushing a flying Clydesdale onto a van (back in the days of Manny's Murals). Who would have thought that creating art would have led to this?

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